University of Applied Sciences Bern

This is an official project by the University of Applied Sciences Bern, department Engineering and Information Technology.

SYMSALABIM is used throughout the whole UASB and is actively maintained by the UASB IT services department and the "Software-Schule Schweiz".


OS deployment and inventory management are one of the challenges and necessary evils faced by todays IT service departments. Inflexible software makes the life of administrators very hard. SYMSALABIM is a solution for inventory management and mass OS deployment with free as in freedom (free as in the way you want) in mind. And of course, its open source!



Wed, 01. Nov 2006: Software update!

As announced last week, we've just released updated SYMSALABIM Software! Among very few bugfixes those are themost important new "features":

  • General mysql 5.x compatibility
  • First attempt at an integrated help in the JAVA applications!
  • Bootsystem generally updated and now includes xorg 6.9 for better vesa support
  • Bootkernel
  • Completely rewritten initrd-script, with more tests and better error messages

Now on to write those promised documentations!

Wed, 25. Oct 2006: Stay tuned for an update

We've been asked this at the Systems and we have to admit, yes there isn't much documentation available and the downloadable boot kernel is too old. Of course, we wouldn't go show SYMSALABIM at the Systems if we wouldn't have at least some updates.

We've had a new kernel, a new initrd- and boot-system in our production environment for some weeks/months now and deem them release worthy. And we're working very hard on documentation as well. Please stay tuned! We'll release the updates once we get back from the Systems and upload documentation file by file as soon as we write and spellcheck them.

We would have updated the software and documentation anyway, but it seemed important enough to put up this notice here.

Sun, 22. Oct 2006: Come see SYMSALABIM live!

Like last year, the Systems exhibition in munich sponsors an Open Source corner for a few "select" projects. SYMSALABIM being one of them.

If you want to ask questions, see SYMSALABIM live in action or just talk, come to munich between the 23. and 27. of october, Systems exhibition, hall A3, stall 542.